Toshiba-RAS-4M27U2AVG-E-4-Room-KVG-E-Indoor Toshiba-RAS-B10E2KVG-E Toshiba RAS-B10E2KVG-E Remote

Picture of Toshiba 8kW Seiya Air Conditioning Package - 4 Rooms

Toshiba-RAS-4M27U2AVG-E-4-Room-KVG-E-Indoor Toshiba-RAS-B10E2KVG-E Toshiba RAS-B10E2KVG-E Remote

Toshiba 8kW Seiya Air Conditioning Package - 4 Rooms

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  • Pre-Selected Package
  • R32 Refrigerant
  • Cooling Capacity: 8kW 
  • Heating Capacity: 9kW


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Installation Requirement
Toshiba-RAS-4M27U2AVG-E-4-Room-KVG-E-Indoor Toshiba 8kW Seiya Air Conditioning Package - 4 Rooms £2795.00

Detailed Description

Toshiba 8kW Seiya Air Conditioning Package

The Toshiba RAS-4M27U2AVG-E 8kW outdoor heat pump and air conditioner unit can run up to 4 indoor air conditioning units. This system can run in either cooling or heating mode.

Height: 890mm | Width: 900mm | Depth: 320mm | Weight: 72kg

Toshiba high-quality multi-split systems contribute to drastically reducing operating costs and increasing energy efficiency. The multi-split outdoor unit achieves efficiency in partial load conditions where the Toshiba inverters deliver their best performance. Toshiba’s new super-efficient DC twin-rotary compressor enables top-class performance at low energy consumption.

The Toshiba 5.2kW Seiya package includes 1 x RAS-4M27U2AVG-E outdoor unit and 4 x RAS-B10E2KVG-E 2.5kW indoor units.

Seiya High Wall Mounted - KVG-E

Elegant and slim-line flat-panel design  | High energy saving | Low noise – 19dB(A) in silent mode | User friendly wireless remote  

Choose from the full range of Toshiba indoor units and configure a package to suit you - click the below link

Toshiba RAS-4M27U2AVG-E 8kW Multi-Room Air Conditioning - 4 Rooms | Sunbelt Sales


Our residential customers are looking to save money on sourcing the equipment with intentions to install the hardware, either themselves or by the builder. You will need an F-GAS registered engineer on standby to come and commission the unit once it is in place.

Alternatively, you could have your engineer completely fit the unit from start to finish, having saved a small fortune by sourcing the system from us.

We will ensure you are buying the correct unit for your space. If you need assistance please contact our team on 0330 175 9558 or email Alternatively, you can use our live chat option.

Features & Benefits

  • Uses R32 refrigerant - environmentally friendly
  • DC Hybrid inverter
  • Twin rotary inverter compressors
  • Quiet low noise operation
  • One outdoor unit and four indoor units

Technical Specification

Indoor Units (Minimum)
Indoor Units (Maximum)
Energy Efficiency

Document Download

Documentation File Format Size

Toshiba RAS Multi-split R32 Product Data PDF 0.9 MB
Installation Manual RAS-3M26-5M34-U2AVG-E PDF 1.9 MB

What's In The Box

1 x Toshiba RAS-4M27U2AVG-E 8kW

4 x Toshiba RAS-B10E2KVG-E 2.5kW

4 x Remote Controls



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