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We stock a wide range of surveying levels including automatic levels, digital levels and precise levels. Designed for levelling tasks in surveying, they are easy to set up and ultra-precise.

Our range includes the very latest survey levels from Leica Geosystems, ensuring accuracy even in extreme light conditions. With models available for daily levelling tasks or advanced levelling work, they can be configured to suit individual working preferences. Models include levels with touchscreen technology, automated features and shock resistant housing.

We stock an extensive range of lasers for use across a diverse range of applications and industries. Our range includes construction lasers, single or dual grade lasers, pipe lasers and line and dot lasers. 

These portable measuring instruments are reliably used across many market sectors, including construction, utilities and interior fittings, increasing productivity and efficiencies to enable projects to de delivered on time and to specification.

Our latest lasers include upgradable rotating lasers which have the unique capability to adapt to any application need through software upgrades. The upgrade options deliver excellent performance in any levelling, aligning or squaring task.



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