2D Systems

Looking for precision and accuracy in your surveying work? Look no further than our range of 2D Systems Surveying Equipment at Sunbelt Sales.

Our 2D systems laser receivers are designed to excavate a range of profiles, including level, gradients, dual slopes, and trenches. These receivers are mounted on the machine and use a grade laser to indicate where the required level is to dig, ensuring precise and efficient work.

  • With a 2D laser system, you can rely on a grade laser to guide the machine, resulting in accurate adjustments to the blade automatically.

  • Perfect for simpler leveling or grading work, such as sports pitches and large foundation pads, this system offers ease of use and reliable results.

  • With a typical accuracy of ±5mm, you can trust our 2D Systems Surveying Equipment to deliver the precision you need.

  • No complex 3D model is required, as the system operates based on simple grade information.

Upgrade your surveying equipment with our high-quality 2D Systems and experience the difference in efficiency and accuracy. Shop now at Sunbelt Sales and enjoy free delivery in mainland UK on all orders over £30.



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