Spot Heaters

Equipped with innovative carbon technology, radiant spot heaters are a type of electric heater that provide instant heat to a specific area with no bright glare. Since they contain no fans or blowers, they are silent in operation, so are perfect for home offices or a home garage workshop. They are practical, functional, and efficient, all whilst offering a comforting warmth.

At Sunbelt Sales, we offer a wide range of spot heaters that are designed to meet your heating needs. Whether you need to heat up a small space or a specific area in your home or office, our spot heaters are the perfect solution. With their efficient carbon technology, they provide instant and silent heat, ensuring a comfortable environment.

Choose from our selection of spot heaters and enjoy the convenience and warmth they bring. From compact and portable models to larger units, we have options for every space. Plus, with our competitive prices, you can find the perfect spot heater without breaking the bank.

Experience the comfort and efficiency of our spot heaters. Shop now at Sunbelt Sales and enjoy free delivery in mainland UK on all orders over £30.



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