MMA/ARC (STICK) Inverter Welders

MMA also referred to as “arc” or “stick” welding is one of the oldest welding processes and is still in common use.

It is a slow welding process however and requires a high skill level but can be used on a wide range of materials. Stick welding is ideal for welding in confined areas because the consumable electrodes can be bent into shape for easier access to the material being welded.

The MMA (Manual Metal Arc) welding process uses a flux coating surrounding the consumable electrode to provide a shielding gas that keeps impurities out of the molten metal. This process is ideally suited to outdoor environments because factors like wind don't blow electrode gases away like it does with TIG and MIG welding. MMA also provides excellent penetration and gives the welder a reasonable amount of weld control.

As mentioned above, “stick” or “arc” welding does require a level of skill to maintain a constant path, speed, and arc distance as the electrode burns down and reduces in length.



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