3D Systems

Looking for top-of-the-line surveying equipment? Look no further than Sunbelt Sales. We offer a wide range of 3D Systems Surveying Equipment that provides maximum performance and efficiency for complex excavating jobs.

Our excavator systems are designed to handle any excavation task with ease, while maintaining high accuracy. With our advanced technology, you can save time and cost by eliminating the need for grade checking and reducing manual work.

Each excavator system is equipped with either a GPS or Prism, which is mounted on the machine. This works in conjunction with a base station or total station to determine the accurate position of the machine on the face of the earth.

By loading a 3D model onto the system, the machine knows exactly where it should be. The system combines this data with the position information to adjust the blade as the machine moves along, ensuring precise trimming to the required new design.

Our 3D Systems Surveying Equipment is perfect for large-scale bulk earth moving and rough grading projects. Trust Sunbelt Sales to provide you with the highest quality equipment for all your surveying needs.

Visit our website and browse our range of 3D Systems Surveying Equipment. Plus, enjoy free delivery in mainland UK on all orders over £30. Shop now and take your surveying capabilities to the next level with Sunbelt Sales.



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