Mobile Mapping

Surveying of UK roads while maintaining absolute accuracy has presented challenges over the years.

Land surveyors can now overcome the challenge with the inclusion of Mobile Mapping equipment, which uses laser scanning technology to capture Survey Grade 3D point clouds and calibrated 360° imagery while travelling.

There is no need for traffic management as the Mobile Mapping platform is mounted directly to the roof of a vehicle, making safe and easy data capture of roads, hazardous environments and construction sites quick and effective whilst retaining quality.

Through the combination of advanced imagery, measurement capture tools, and a variety of mobile transportation platforms, 3D Mobile Mapping enables users to visualise, record, measure and understand environments.

More recently, we have seen smaller mobile mapping instruments come to the market. These wearable and handheld devices can be taken by a single person into difficult to reach areas or buildings. They are ideal for mapping places where there are time limitations or space limitations, such as underground.



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