Mobile Mapping

Are you in need of accurate and efficient surveying equipment for road mapping? Look no further than Sunbelt Sales' range of Mobile Mapping Surveying Equipment.

Traditionally, surveying UK roads with absolute accuracy has been a challenge. However, with the introduction of Mobile Mapping equipment, this challenge can be overcome. Our Mobile Mapping equipment utilizes laser scanning technology to capture Survey Grade 3D point clouds and calibrated 360° imagery while in motion.

One of the key advantages of our Mobile Mapping platform is its ease of use. The equipment is mounted directly to the roof of a vehicle, eliminating the need for traffic management and ensuring safe and efficient data capture of roads, hazardous environments, and construction sites.

With advanced imagery, measurement capture tools, and a variety of mobile transportation platforms, our 3D Mobile Mapping equipment enables users to visualize, record, measure, and understand environments like never before.

In addition to our larger Mobile Mapping instruments, we also offer smaller wearable and handheld devices. These compact devices are perfect for surveying difficult-to-reach areas or buildings where time and space limitations are a factor, such as underground locations.

Discover the power of Mobile Mapping Surveying Equipment from Sunbelt Sales. Browse our range today and enjoy free delivery on all orders over £30 within mainland UK.



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