Picture of Xcalibre Fall Arrest Block 3M Webbing

    Picture of Xcalibre Fall Arrest Block 3M Webbing

    Picture of Xcalibre Fall Arrest Block 3M Webbing
    Guardian Fall Protection

    Xcalibre Fall Arrest Block 3M Webbing

    SKU: HS-01-001-0001

    The FAB3W is a lightweight palm size Fall Arrest Block and is so light it can be mounted directly to the users harness via the rear D connector.  Also available as a dual assembly for 100% tie off whilst moving between anchorages whilst moving around a structure. 



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    Picture of Xcalibre Fall Arrest Block 3M Webbing Xcalibre Fall Arrest Block 3M Webbing £120.18

    Detailed Description

    Rapid Lock-On: The brake activates quickly under the acceleration of the user and triggers the Pawl to lock onto the shaft.

    Webbing & Shaft: One piece shaft supports the Dyneema & Polyester webbing which has a minimum breaking load of 15kN.

    PC/ABS Housings With Grips: High strength housings give protection to the mechanical assembly and include TPE grips to both sides.

    Shock Pouch: The shock pouch reduces peak shock loads to less than 6kN and extends to varying amounts depending on the fall conditions.

    Dual Adaptor: A simple coupler connects two FAB3W’s which can be mounted on the rear "D" of a full body harness giving the user two attachment points for greater safety in the workplace.

    Fall Indicating Swivel Hook: The swivel hook includes a fall indicator, which clearly shows if the device has been subjected to a shock load.

    Features & Benefits

    • 3M working length
    • Max user weight 150Kg
    • Compact, sleek and modern design
    • Anchorage karabiner as standard
    • Lightweight 1.1Kg including swivel hook
    • Composite housing UV stabilised
    • Soft TPE side grips
    • Internal steel chassis
    • Acceleration activated brakes
    • Ultra fast lock on nominal 100mm
    • Alloy swivel hook as standard
    • Fall indicator via webbing pouch
    • Polyester webbing MBL 23kN
    • PTFE Roller lowers friction and drag
    • Fully serviceable
    • Tested for vertical and horizontal use
    • EN360 ANSI OSHA AS/NZS 1891.3:1997

    Technical Specification

    Length (mm)
    Weight (kg)

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