Picture of WingtraOne Mapping UAV

    Picture of WingtraOne Mapping UAV

    Picture of WingtraOne Mapping UAV

    WingtraOne Mapping UAV

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    A fully autonomous fixed-wing VTOL drone designed for long-distance surveying applications. 


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    Picture of WingtraOne Mapping UAV WingtraOne Mapping UAV

    Detailed Description

    A fully autonomous fixed-wing VTOL drone designed for long-distance surveying applications.

    The WingtraOne is a professional VTOL fixed-wing drone with superb image quality and accuracy. With exceptional data quality, the WingtraOne enables much faster surveys, more reliable map reconstruction and more precise results than other commercial drones.


    • Compatible with multiple exchangeable payloads to produce all types of drone data
    • Engineered in Switzerland
    • High performance brushless motors
    • Fully automated vertical take-off – operated by an advanced autopilot
    • Bi-directional antennas for optimal radio communication range of 8km (5 mi)
    • Smart battery technology - UN compliant Li-ion cells


    • Surveying & GIS
    • Mining and Aggregates
    • Environment and research
    • Agriculture
    • Construction

    *With a GSD of 3cm/px (1.2in/px)


    Features & Benefits

    VTOL – Take off and land vertically
    The WingtraOne features a vertical take-off designed to make operation safer, easier and more cost effective. This negates the need to hold the UAV in place during take-off to ensure the operator is always a safe distance away. With controlled manual adjustments in hover mode to land, there are no more belly landings and the UAV is easy to pilot. Each landing is safe and doesn’t damage your equipment, even on rough terrain. You can now take off and land in confined areas such as on boats and between buildings, enabling mapping that you may not be able to complete with other equipment.

    • Take-off is automatic, ensuring operator safety
    • Better obstacle avoidance – you control when the WingtraOne goes into flight mode
    • No more damage to your equipment
    • Take-off and land in confined areas
    • Smooth landing on rough terrain
    • With a hover and flight mode
    • Can adapt to a moving environment

    Minimise your time in the field
    In one flight, WingtraOne can map almost 2x more than a conventional fixed-wing drone and approximately 10 to 15x more than multicopter drones. You can therefore cover the area efficiently at a high altitude without negating your results

    • Map up to 400+ha (988ac) in a one-hour flight*
    • Up to 50km (31mi) flight range

    Get precise results
    Thanks to its professional drone PPK GNSS L1/L2 receiver and highest-quality cameras, like the 42 MP full-frame Sony RX1RII camera, it is possible to reach down to 1 cm (0.4 in) absolute accuracy. These incredibly detailed, high resolution images allow reliable reconstruction of orthomosaic maps and 3D models.

    • Up to 42mp full-frame camera payload
    • Down to 0.7 cm/px GSD (0.3 in/px GSD)
    • L1/L2 PPK GNSS receiver for higher accuracy
    • Down to 1cm (0.4in) absolute accuracy

    To legally fly a small unmanned aerial system in the UK the Operator is legally required to hold a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Before a PfCO is issued the Operator must write and have approved an Operations Manual. Also any pilots who are to fly for that Operator must hold a CAA approved NQE issued qualification demonstrating their operating competence and flying capability.

    Technical Specification

    UAV Type
    Fixed Wing
    Max Flight Time (minutes)
    Wind Resistance (m/s)
    Changeable Payload

    Document Download

    Documentation File Format Size

    WingtraOne UAV Brochure PDF 4.6 MB
    WingtraOne UAV Datasheet PDF 0.9 MB

    What's In The Box

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