Toshiba RAV-RM401CTP-E/RAV-GM401ATP-E Toshiba RAV-RM401CTP-E

    Picture of Toshiba 3.6kW Ceiling Suspended Split System

    Toshiba RAV-RM401CTP-E/RAV-GM401ATP-E Toshiba RAV-RM401CTP-E

    Toshiba 3.6kW Ceiling Suspended Split System

    SKU: CC-01-002-0100
    • Operational at 30dB(A)
    • R32 Refrigerant
    • Self-cleaning function
    • Energy Class A+++


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    Pipe Extension Kit
    Installation Requirement
    Toshiba RAV-RM401CTP-E/RAV-GM401ATP-E Toshiba 3.6kW Ceiling Suspended Split System £1399.90

    Detailed Description

    Toshiba 3.6kW Digital Inverter Ceiling Split System

    The performance of these systems provides significant energy savings for a rapid return on investment-Comfort, ease of installation and simplicity are the strength of Toshiba systems. The Toshiba Digital Inverter series of ceilings, they are ideal for offices, classroom and restaurants where very low noise levels are required. The Digital Inverter series of ceiling suspended units can be discreetly positioned under the ceilings.

    Under-ceiling unit for RAV single-room systems for combination with Digital Inverter, Super Digital Inverter, and BIG Digital Inverter outdoor units for refrigerant R32 or R410A. Elegant design with rounded edges and a large air control fin for optimal air circulation.

    Extremely high energy efficiency (up to A+++) | Optimal temperature distribution right down to the floor in heating mode | High-performance heat exchanger | Self-cleaning function

    The split system air conditioning units consist of an indoor and outdoor unit, connected via copper piping. The outdoor unit contains the condenser and removes heat and condensation from the room, dissipating it outside. 


    Our residential customers are looking to save money on sourcing the equipment with intentions to install the hardware, either themselves or by the builder. You will need an F-GAS registered engineer on standby to come and commission the unit once it is in place.

    Alternatively, you could have your engineer completely fit the unit from start to finish, having saved a small fortune by sourcing the system from us.

    We will ensure you are buying the correct unit for your space. If you need assistance please contact our experts on 0330 175 9558 or email Alternatively, you can use our live chat option.

    Features & Benefits

    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Automatic louvre control for all year round comfort and efficiency
    • High performance operation, using digital inverter control
    • This design, represents the best possible solution, where there is a lack of space or absence of a ceiling void
    • Operational at 30dB(A), twice as quiet as conventional units
    • Low noise levels thanks to high diameter fan and DC motor
    • Self-cleaning function, enables the air flow to remain constant and fresh and reduces the frequency of service visits
    • Uniform temperatures throughout the room
    • Mould-proof, fully recyclable drain pan
    • Infra-red and wired controls available
    • R32 Refrigerant – Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change

    Technical Specification

    Cooling + Heating
    Electronic control
    13amp 3 pin with a 1.8m cord

    Document Download

    Documentation File Format Size

    Toshiba RRAV-RM401CTP-E-RAV-GM401ATP-E Spec PDF 2.7 MB
    Toshiba Ceiling Suspended Data Sheet PDF 0.2 MB

    What's In The Box

    1 x RAV-RM401CTP-E Wall Mounted Indoor Unit

    1 x RAV-GM401ATP-E Outdoor unit

    1 x Remote Control

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