Our range of hand tools includes a selection of hammers, including claw hammers, long handle hammers and club hammers. All our hammers are designed to offer durability and longevity, enabling work to be carried out on-site smoothly and efficiently.



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    The OX Claw Hammer has a heat-treated carbon steel construction for enhanced durability and longevity.

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      The head of the OX Trade Claw Hammer is crafted from premium quality heat-treated carbon steel and the shaft is made from tabular steel for enhanced durability and rust resistance.

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        The long handle OX Club Hammer is structured and designed for various applications like destruction work, breaking through dry walls, masonry walls, mining operations and much more.

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          The head of the OX Fibreglass Handle Club Hammer is heat treated and is forged from fine-grained high-quality steel.

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