Precision Location

When operators are locating and protecting buried infrastructure, they need tools that can deliver efficiency, high levels of safety, and precise and accurate measurements. At Sunbelt Sales, we offer Radiodetection’s precision locators which are designed to meet these demanding requirements.

Radiodetection’s flagship ranges locate cables and pipes quickly and accurately to help increase operators’ productivity and prevent damage to buried infrastructure.

Since 1977, Radiodetection’s locator and transmitter products have been designed and built in the UK. They are subjected to a rigorous test regime and quality checks, continuing a long tradition of high quality and reliability.

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Buy from our range of Precision Location Surveying Equipment from Sunbelt Sales. We offer a wide selection of tools and equipment that deliver efficiency, safety, and precise measurements for locating and protecting buried infrastructure. Our Radiodetection’s precision locators are designed to meet the demanding requirements of operators in this field.

With Radiodetection’s flagship ranges, you can quickly and accurately locate cables and pipes, increasing productivity and preventing damage to buried infrastructure. Our products are built to the highest standards, with a long tradition of quality and reliability since 1977.

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