Sokkia-GCX2-GNSS-Antenna-front-view Sokkia-GCX2-GNSS-Antenna-side-view Sokkia-GCX2-GNSS-Antenna-back-view

    Picture of Reconditioned Sokkia GCX2 GNSS Antenna

    Sokkia-GCX2-GNSS-Antenna-front-view Sokkia-GCX2-GNSS-Antenna-side-view Sokkia-GCX2-GNSS-Antenna-back-view

    Reconditioned Sokkia GCX2 GNSS Antenna

    • Dual frequency & multi-constellation RTK receiver
    • Wireless multi-channel long-range Bluetooth
    • Precision Orbital Satellite Technology (POST)
    • 226 channels with optimized satellite tracking technology


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    Sokkia-GCX2-GNSS-Antenna-front-view Reconditioned Sokkia GCX2 GNSS Antenna £3000.00

    Detailed Description

    Reconditioned Sokkia GCX2 GNSS Antenna

    Compact, lightweight and rugged design, this cable free, dual frequency, multi-constellation GNSS RTK receiver has a simplified user display for ease of use. The antenna has wireless multi-channel long-range Bluetooth technology with RTK corrections. 

    12 month Certificate of Conformity | Fully calibrated | 1 month back to base warranty

    Providing great value for money, our reconditioned stock is top quality and will always conform to standards. Our workshop engineers are highly experienced and factory-trained by the various manufacturers. Reconditioned survey equipment comes with the support of our specialist division.


    Features & Benefits

    • Rechargeable battery with internal memory
    • USB port for charging and communication
    • Dual frequency and multi-constellation GNSS RTK receiver
    • Wireless multi-channel Long-Range Bluetooth technology RTK corrections
    • Precision Orbital Satellite Technology (POST) integrated antenna
    • 226 Channels with optimized satellite tracking technology
    • Sokkia design gives the GCX2 its innovative and ergonomic design

    Technical Specification

    Weight (kg)
    47 x 184.5 x 47 (mm)

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    Product Specification PDF 0.8 MB

    What's In The Box

    1 x GCX2 GNSS Antenna

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