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    TempSense® is a system to measure rail temperature remotely. It provides warning alerts as well as scheduled measurements for Critical Rail Temperature monitoring – all remotely without the need for track side intervention.


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    Detailed Description

    TempSense is designed to be installed on a rail network track to monitor temperature of the rail from –20 to +85 degrees C.

    Track temperatures are typically 20 degrees higher than the ambient temperature. For example the UK rail network has been designed to operate at a ‘stress free’ temperature of 27 degrees.

    • Cost effective and safe remote measurement and collection of rail temperature information.
    • Intelligently plan train speeds, help prevent buckling, and keep the railway running as reliably as possible with improved passenger safety.

    By combining temperature, weather and solar radiation data, TempSense can build a picture and provide analytics to assist in the design and maintenance of the rail network.

    The devices are built for zero-maintenance and ultra-low power consumption, backed with solar charging.

    Features & Benefits

    • Small easy to install design with magnetic attachment
    • Can be fitted within seconds
    • High accuracy CRT measurements
    • Battery powered
    • No cables
    • Location aware
    • Configurable CRT alerts
    • Realtime alerting via Web Dashboard & email
    • Web dashboard available to view live & historic
    • measurements
    • Web dashboard can be accessed from mobile devices
    • Reduces the need for track-side monitoring and lookouts
    • Saves cost
    • Increases safety
    • Optional GPS receiver providing location-based measurements
    • Data time stamped & stored locally in the event of comms loss
    • Secure communication of data over mobile data network
    • Temperature measurement range from -20°C to 85°C
    • Battery powered maintenance free operation
    • Instant alarm event transmission
    • Environmental sealing to minimum IP67
    • Ambient operating temperature range -20°C to +60°C

    Technical Specification

    Dimensions (HxWxD)
    106mm x 63mm x 31mm
    Weight (kg)
    Internal Lithium battery
    Operating Temperature
    -20°C to +60°C

    Document Download

    Documentation File Format Size

    Railsense TempSense Datasheet PDF 0.6 MB

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