The Best Positions For Air Conditioning Units | Spring & Summer 2023

news 06 March 2023

The position of your air conditioning unit can make a real difference to its efficiency, running costs and comfort levels. In this article we take a look at the best locations to position your unit.

Where Best to Position an Air Conditioning Unit

The position of your air conditioning unit can make a real difference to its efficiency, running costs and comfort levels. When you consider that your AC unit can account for about 27% of your electric bill when you use it, it’s important to make sure that your air conditioner is placed in a prime position.

Some locations are far better than others for an air conditioning unit. Positioning in the best possible way is crucial for the following reasons:

Good Locations for Your AC Unit

Poor Locations for Your Air Conditioner

Anywhere near an appliance that generates heat is a poor place to position your air conditioner; avoid placing AC units near heat generating devices such as stoves, freezers, or a hot water heater.

Air conditioning units have an internal thermostat that should shut the air conditioner off when the space reaches a certain temperature. If you position your air conditioner near a device producing heat, your AC unit may constantly run, since it will be detecting the heat from the other nearby appliance.

Quick Hints and Tips

There are other quick steps that you can take to help get the best out of your AC unit. For instance, try room darkening drapes in the room. Sunscreens can keep out up to 70% of the sun’s heat.

Make sure the unit is installed correctly and that there are no gaps around the window when using a window AC unit. With a Portable AC unit, any gaps around the air conditioner duct should be sealed to keep out any drafts of warm air. Checkout out our Airlock 100 Portable Air Conditioning Window Seal Kit. Check the doors and other windows in the room to make sure that they are adequately sealed against the weather. Doors and windows that allow heat in defeat the purpose of the proper placement of the AC unit.

Try and limit the use of lights in the room where the air conditioner is located. Light bulbs generate heat, and this can affect the performance of your AC unit.

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