Master F 75 71kW Heater Hero

    Picture of Master F 75 71kW Electric Fan Heater

    Master F 75 71kW Heater Hero
    Master Climate Solutions

    Master F 75 71kW Electric Fan Heater

    SKU: CC-03-003-0101

    Master F 75 is designed to heat rooms up to 2000m³ and is therefore ideal in large spaces such as workshops, garages, warehouses, greenhouses and livestock buildings thanks to its high air flow rate of no less than 6000m³/h.



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    Master F 75 71kW Heater Hero Master F 75 71kW Electric Fan Heater £5262.96

    Detailed Description

    Master F 75 has automatic and thermostatic operation, allowing you to adjust the desired temperature without wasting energy.This Hot Air Generator only needs to be connected to a flue and connected to a 230V single-phase power supply to operate.

    The indirect heater is in fact already equipped with a mounted and pre-set oil burner, a room thermostat, an integrated large-capacity fuel tank and a supply air plenum on 4 sides.

    Master F 75 has a stainless steel combustion chamber and a large integrated diesel tank . Its rated power is 70.8kW with an air flow rate of 6000m³/h. Diesel operation consumes approximately 5.6 kg/h of fuel with an electrical consumption of 1350W.
    The power supply is single-phase 230V. The outlet diameter of the flue gas discharge pipe is 153 mm with a total air pressure of 150pa.

    Features & Benefits

    • Large built-in oil tank
    • Integrated burner with electronic flame control and photocell cut-off
    • Fan limit thermostat with automatic reset
    • Summer/winter switch for ventilation only
    • Centrifugal fan
    • Stainless steel combustion chamber
    • High efficiency dual-circuit heat exchanger
    • Wide inspection doors for easy cleaning
    • Built-in thermostat

    Technical Specification

    Length (mm)
    Width (mm)
    Height (mm)
    Weight (kg)
    Output (kW)
    Space Heater

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