Master BC341 Main Master evaporative cooling diagram

    Picture of Master BC 341 Portable Air Conditioner

    Master BC341 Main Master evaporative cooling diagram
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    Master BC 341 Portable Air Conditioner

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    With its minimal energy consumption, the BC 341 is ideal for cooling of areas up to 400m2 that are unfit for traditional A/C.



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    Detailed Description

    The Master BC 341 industrial evaporative cooler is ideal for controlling the temperature in large working spaces.

    It features a powerful airflow of 30,000m3/h, which can circulate spaces of up to 400m² quickly and easily. Portable air cooling with integrated UV light removes any risk of virus and bacteria disinfection. 

    This evaporative air cooler is suitable for warehouses, workshops, factories, hangars, leisure and sports centres, event spaces, and much more. It does not require any installation or complicated ducting, and it is ideal for areas where traditional air conditioning units are not suitable.

    The internal water tank holds 200 litres of water, and as the cooler consumes up to 15 to 20 litres per hour, this allows for long operating hours. You can connect the unit to a permanent water feed for extended running times using the 1/2" direct water connection. 

    Features & Benefits

    • Applications: Workshops and warehouses, plastic, glass, assembly and painting plants, agriculture, greenhouses, and aircraft hangars
    • Easy to maintain
    • Evaporative filter pads, blocking dirt
    • Low energy consumption – 13 kW
    • Low running costs
    • No installation, no duct work required
    • Powerful air volume 30,000 m3 /h to cool large working areas
    • UV lamp, disinfecting the water

    Technical Specification

    Length (mm)
    Width (mm)
    Height (mm)
    Weight (kg)
    Power Consumption (W)
    Tank Capacity (Litres)
    Air flow m³/h
    Sound level dB (A)

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