Master B 70 20kW Direct Oil Heater Main

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    Master B 70 20kW Direct Oil Heater Main
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    Master B 70 20kW Direct Oil Heater

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    This incredibly robust Master B70 oil fired heater has been designed for regular or intermittent use in industrial or commercial environments.



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    Master B 70 20kW Direct Oil Heater Main Master B 70 20kW Direct Oil Heater £382.50

    Detailed Description

    This 20kW direct oil fired heater is built to last due to its heavy-duty and robust exterior body, stainless steel combustion chamber and thermally protected motor.

    The Master B70 boasts a lightweight chassis considering its performance capabilities making it an ideal space heater for moving around or between sites. 

    This portable master space heater features a thermally protected motor and can also be attached to external analog or digital thermostats to give operators even more control over the application area temperature.

    The Master B70 heater is specifically designed for portability and consists of easily serviceable parts including the oil and suction filters and an oil tank level indicator.

    The new B series heaters are equipped with a TH5 room thermostat socket (available separately - optional) and a fuel level indicator. In addition, the housing has an additional upper and lower embossing, which strengthens the structure and stiffens it, preventing deformations and extending the life of the housing.

    Please note:

    Ventilation of the room is necessary to prevent a deficiency of oxygen when using this product.

    Features & Benefits

    • Two oil filters – oil tank filter and suction filter
    • Runs on Diesel or Kerosene
    • 280m³/hr Airflow
    • Thermally protected motor
    • Electronic flame control with photocell
    • Stainless steel combustion chamber
    • Oil tank with level indicator
    • Handy Portable Design
    • Designed for easy handling and transportation
    • Easy maintenance
    • Suitable For Building Sites & Well Ventilated Areas
    • Runs on Diesel or Kerosene

    Technical Specification

    Length (mm)
    Width (mm)
    Height (mm)
    Weight (kg)
    Space Heater
    Output (kW)

    Document Download

    Documentation File Format Size

    Master 70CED Manual PDF 1.9 MB
    Master Catalogue (EN) PDF 9.6 MB

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