Master B 30 30kW Fan Heater Hero

    Picture of Master B 30 30kW Electric Fan Heater

    Master B 30 30kW Fan Heater Hero
    Master Climate Solutions

    Master B 30 30kW Electric Fan Heater

    SKU: CC-03-003-0088

    Cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for general heating and drying.



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    Master B 30 30kW Fan Heater Hero Master B 30 30kW Electric Fan Heater £1585.22

    Detailed Description

    The Master B 30 is a safe and reliable electric heater with a compact and lightweight design making this 30kW electric fan heater easy to carry, transport, and store.

    The ductable option will allow for direct heat in any space required, with the actual heater placed in a different location. To make this heater easy to transport, it features large wheels and a sturdy handle with a robust, steel body to ensure it can withstand the strain of regular use and transit in the most challenging conditions.

    Adjustable heat settings are including into the build of this heater, allowing the user more control over the environment at the flick of a switch. These heaters do not require any oxygen consumption and do not create any odours or fumes.

    Features & Benefits

    • Adjustable heat.
    • Large wheels for easy transport.
    • Lifting eyelets for easy transport.
    • Manual reset.
    • Motor with thermal protection.
    • No fumes, no odours, no humidity.
    • No oxygen consumption.
    • Overheat thermostat.
    • Possible connection to a flexible tube.
    • Summer/winter switch for ventilation only.

    Technical Specification

    Length (mm)
    Width (mm)
    Height (mm)
    Weight (kg)
    Space Heater
    Output (kW)
    3 Phase (415V)

    Document Download

    Documentation File Format Size

    Master catalogue PDF 9.6 MB
    User manual PDF 3.4 MB

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