Picture of MALA Easy Locator Pro Ground Penetrating Radar

    Picture of MALA Easy Locator Pro Ground Penetrating Radar

    Picture of MALA Easy Locator Pro Ground Penetrating Radar

    MALA Easy Locator Pro Ground Penetrating Radar

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    The MALA Easy Locator Pro is an end-to-end, easy-to-use GPR solution designed for utility mapping. It is the first Easy Locator being able to export data to stand-alone software and comes bundled with MALA ObjectMapper Windows software. The MALA Easy Locator Pro is a complete solution, from data acquisition to reporting.


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    Picture of MALA Easy Locator Pro Ground Penetrating Radar MALA Easy Locator Pro Ground Penetrating Radar

    Detailed Description

    MALA Easy Locator Pro - GPR solution designed for utility mapping

    Buried utilities are assets that need to be protected. It is essential to obtain precise and reliable information about location and depth of buried infrastructure. The MALA Easy Locator Pro offers a non-destructive utility mapping solution to gather subsurface information from both metallic and non-metallic targets.

    MALA Easy Locator Pro is faster, more accurate and offers higher resolution and significantly better depth of penetration than its first generation forebear. The MALA Easy Locator Pro delivers outstanding data quality, making interpretations easier and more accurate. Together with its built-in DGPS and the MALA ObjectMapper software, it is the most cost effective GPR mapping solution currently available.

    HDR enabled solution
    High Dynamic Range (HDR) is based on modern real-time sampling technology and provides the MALA Easy Locator Pro with significantly faster data acquisition rates, greater signal to noise ratio, and increased bandwidth.

    In practice MALA Easy Locator Pro will deliver higher resolution data and better depth penetration than conventional, non-HDR based, GPR systems.

    MALA ObjectMapper - software included
    The beauty of MALA ObjectMapper is that power and efficiency is not compromised by its simplicity. It is a software tool built and optimized for a single purpose, to help interpreting radar data and simplifying the process to find buried utilities.

    The Easy Locator Pro Controller is capable of creating an ObjectMapper project directly in the field, and then guides the user to complete the survey. The whole project is then imported into the MALA ObjectMapper software for processing, interpretation and reporting.

    The MALA ObjectMapper concept is optimized to compress the data-to-delivery time and advances saving from fast data acquisition and project generation by the MALA Easy Locator Pro, through rapid data interpretation and onto one-click output of deliverables in popular formats such as DXF and KMZ (through MALA GPS Mapper). MALA Object Mapper supports the high resolution 32 bit data format (*.rd7) and is a MALA proprietary software created by and for utility locating professionals.

    Features & Benefits

    MALA Easy Locator Pro Features:

    • HDR enabled solution
    • End-to-end solution
    • All parts of the solution specifically designed for utility locating
    • Easy-to-use, keyboard-less Controller - only one navigator button
    • Dedicated acquisition computer (EL Pro Controller)
    • Built-in DGPS for positioning
    • 32 bit data output
    • Robust Rough Terrain Cart (RTC)
    • Data export to external devices
    • Support various project types (2D project, 3D grid project, ObjectMapper project)
    • Bundled external software (ObjectMapper, GPS mapper)
    • High resolution display

    Object Mapper Features:

    • Simplified interface
    • Advanced velocity tools for better depth calibration
    • Functionality to convert Baseline projects into local/global coordinates using known fixed coordinates
    • Support for MALA GPS Mapper (also included with MALA Easy Locator Pro)
    • DXF support

    Technical Specification

    GPS Connectivity
    GPS Live Tracking
    TPS Connectivity

    Document Download

    Documentation File Format Size

    MALA Easy Locator Pro Datasheet PDF 0.7 MB
    MALA ObjectMapper Software Brochure PDF 0.8 MB
    MALA Easy Locator Pro User Manual PDF 2 MB

    What's In The Box

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