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    Jasic Spool Gun JSG-02

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    Jasic 6m Spool Gun



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    Detailed Description


    The Jasic JSG-02 spool gun is compatible with the MIG 202 Inverter Compact, MIG 250 Compact Inverter Welder, MIG 350 Compact Inverter Welder.

    Small wires can be fed using a small spool mounted directly on the gun.

    For feeding soft wires such as aluminium, dual-drive systems should be used to avoid deforming the soft wire. 


    Features & Benefits

    • Helps the user to complete their work faster.
    • Improves arc stability.
    • Neater welds.

    Technical Specification

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    What's In The Box

    Jasic 6m Spool Gun

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