Jasic JFC-05

    Picture of Jasic Foot Control Unit - JFC-05

    Jasic JFC-05

    Jasic Foot Control Unit - JFC-05

    SKU: WE-01-003-0003

    Jasic foot control gives variable control of welding amperage to the welder during a weld.  



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    Jasic JFC-05 Jasic Foot Control Unit - JFC-05 £277.45

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    Jasic foot control suitable for the Jasic TIG 200 Pulse AC/DC Mini Inverter Welder & Jasic TIG 200 Pulse PFC Inverter Welder

    Particularly useful when welding Aluminium, depress the pedal to produce more power at the start of the weld to begin the weld puddle and decrease towards the end, when the metal work piece has heated up.

    The use of the foot pedal provides another level of hands free control during the welding process.

    Features & Benefits

    Suitable For :

    • JT-200DS Jasic TIG 200 Digital AC/DC Mini
    • JT-200P-PFC Jasic TIG 200 DC PFC

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    Jasic Welding Inverter Package Icon Package Includes

    • Jasic Foot Control Unit - JFC-05

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