Fuel in a box

Looking for a convenient and efficient way to fuel your diesel engines? Look no further than our revolutionary Fuel in a Box! This U.N. approved bag-in-box fuel solution is pre-filled and ready to use, making refueling quick and hassle-free.


Our Fuel in a Box is suitable for all diesel engines, including those fitted with DPF, EGR, and SCR systems, as well as modern machines calibrated to EN590 standards. It features improved Cetane ratings, which result in boosted power and reduced deposit and varnish build-up. Additionally, it enhances combustion efficiency and fuel consumption while reducing visible emissions.



At Sunbelt Sales, we offer a wide range of Fuel in a Box options to meet your specific needs. Whether you're refueling your personal vehicles or managing a fleet of diesel-powered machinery, our Fuel in a Box provides a reliable and convenient solution.


Shop now and enjoy free delivery on all orders over £150 in mainland UK. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Fuel in a Box today!



Min: £29.00 Max: £459.00
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    • Fast, efficient, refuelling system
    • Glug-free pouring
    • Reduces down time and saves having to leave site
    • Perfect for emergency backup
    In stock
      • 18 month shelf life
      • Glug-free pouring
      • Reduce plastic waste by 90%
      • Perfect for emergency backup
      In stock