Picture of FARO SCENE

    Picture of FARO SCENE

    Picture of FARO SCENE



    SCENE 3D laser scanner software is specifically designed for the FARO Focus3D.


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    SCENE processes and manages scanned data easily and efficiently by using automatic object recognition as well as scan registration and positioning. SCENE can also generate high-quality colourised scans very quickly, while providing the tools for automated target-less scan positioning.

    This point-cloud software for scanners is extremely user-friendly, from simple measuring to 3D visualization to meshing and exporting into various point cloud and CAD formats. Once SCENE has prepared the scan data, you can commence evaluation and further processing right away.

    Scan projects can even be published on a web server at the touch of a button with SCENE WebShare Cloud. The SCENE WebShare Cloud is a secure cloud-based solution for storing and sharing scanning data with different project partners.

    Features & Benefits

    • Super-crisp visualisation
      The new color balancing as well as the innovative super sampling in the 3D View provides super-crips and detail visualisation of 3D documentation projects.
    • Supports FARO Focus3D X series scanners
      GPS information is used to arrange scans to each other. The extended range of the X series scanners is used to document larger volumes per scan position.
    • SCENE WebShare Cloud integration
      Creates all SCENE WebShare Cloud data and publishes it directly to the internet.
    • Easy processing of large scan projects
    • With ist dedicated database technology SCENE is prepared to manage an unlimited amount of scan data. It´s powerful tools allow for efficient processing even of large scan projects.
    • Plug-Ins for extended funcionality
      The unique plug-in interface lets the user extend the SCENE´s functionality by installing additional apps. All available apps are available on the FARO 3D App Center.
    • ASTM E57 industry standard
      Through this manufacturer-independent binary data exchange format users may import and export scanning data regardless of the specific product used to capture it.
    • Native 64-Bit software
    • Efficient workflow from the original data acquisition to the finished project
    • Minimal manual post-processing editing required thanks to automatic scan processing
    • Simple and easy to learn
    • New project database enables enhanced levels of networking between users
    • Interfaces to numerous industryspecific software products

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