Wall Mounted Home Dehumidifiers

Ideal units for landlords or situations where wall mounting a dehumidifier is the preferred option .



Min: £138.00 Max: £1419.00
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    The Ecor Pro D850e wall mounted swimming pool dehumidifier, 65 litre per day, high capacity professional dehumidifier, with IPX4 rating makes it suitable for use in spas and swimming pool rooms.

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      A fantastic installed soluton, ideal for 24/7 control designed for bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, lofts, crawl spaces, basements & even remote use including, holiday homes, and caravans. 

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        Perspose built boat dehumidifier. Unlike other domestic dehumidifiers, these models are truly designed to run 24/7. Very small and will extract water even down to -20°C. Perfect though for any climate. Salt resistant where others corrode.

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