These days, every business wants to act responsibly towards our environment. Fortunately, all Fujitsu air-conditioning systems are designed specifically with that in mind.

The systems use environmentally friendly refrigerant and the most innovative inverter technology to give you superb performance, and to maintain the highly regarded A/A rating – so you feel assured that these are some of the greenest, most efficient products available.

Fujitsu air-conditioning systems aren’t just responsible; they’re reliable, too. They know that quality is everything, and they are proud of their reputation for building products that installers, designers, and end-users trust to work efficiently and without breakdowns. 

Equipped with a wide range of features, you might expect the units to come with a big price tag. As you’ll see in this category, that’s not the case – because we believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank for best quality.

Range Overview;

Fujitsu offer 4 variations of wall mounted unit.

Wall mounted LT Range - This unit has some really nice extra features such as a 3 mode timer (weekly/ Program/ Sleep), a Human motion sensor, and auto air flow adjustments. It has a COP of 4.85 and is a thin design in a matt finish.
Wall Mounted LU Range - 3 mode timer (weekly/ Program/ Sleep), auto air flow adjustments, COP of 4.35 in a white gloss finish.
Wall Mounted LM and LF range - Simple and elegant, designed to suit most applications, gloss white finish, and a COP of 3.91. 

Fujitsu have a full range of;

- Compact ceiling cassettes (600 x 600)
- Standard cassettes (900 x 900)
- Floor units, Ceiling/ Floor Universal units, and Ceiling mounted units. 
- Compact ducted systems
- 2, 3, and 4 way multi split systems
- The NEW 8 room multi split

We know that choosing a system can be a challenge. We try to include all the relevant information to make it easy for the customer to self check out but we do have an expert team on hand if you need any assistance. Please feel free to call.



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