Air Movers

Air movers to assist in the quick drying of water damaged floors. 



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    Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod Floor Dryer dries carpets and hard surfaces fast, all in a handy stackable casing. 

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      The AERIAL® AB 200 with lateral channel blowers is ideally suited to professional drying of insulation layers in pressure and suction operations. 

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        The calibrated energy meter CC 4-MID BOX delivers secure evidence of power consumption. It records the energy consumption of up to four units.

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          Integrated into the connection-ready AERCUBE® housing, it is used to minimise the noise of the noise boxes. The SD 2 enables noise levels to be reduced by up to 19 dB(A).

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            Water separator VT 2 – hygienically flawless with powerful dirty-water pump.

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