Picture of Aerialtronics Altura Zenith UAV

    Picture of Aerialtronics Altura Zenith UAV

    Picture of Aerialtronics Altura Zenith UAV

    Aerialtronics Altura Zenith UAV

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    The Altura Zenith sets a precedent for the design of unmanned aircraft systems, by combining state-of-the-art technology with a remarkably flat, compact and lightweight carbon fibre design.


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    Picture of Aerialtronics Altura Zenith UAV Aerialtronics Altura Zenith UAV

    Detailed Description

    The world's most versatile commercial drone.

    • Up to 40 minutes flight time
    • Up to 3kg payload
    • Max. take-off weight 9.65kg
    • Up to 19km flight distance
    • Compatible with 35+ cameras and sensors
    • 16m/s wind speed
    • A+ redundancy level
    • EMC tested and IP55 rated by TÜV
    • High level redundancy
    • Largest payload range

    To legally fly a small unmanned aerial system in the UK the Operator is legally required to hold a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Before a PfCO is issued the Operator must write and have approved an Operations Manual. Also any pilots who are to fly for that Operator must hold a CAA approved NQE issued qualification demonstrating their operating competence and flying capability.

    Features & Benefits

    Safety and Redundancy
    With redundant IMUs and motors, the operator is dually prepared for a safe flight.

    Propulsion Lifecycle
    Aerialtronics motors have surpassed endurance expectations after flying for 720 hours consecutively without fault.

    With the largest payload compatibility and the simple and fast 'click and go' system it's the most flexible drone on the market.

    Aerialtronics can do a custom integration with any desired payload.

    Control without limitations – Tablet Control
    Perform complex actions with simple and easy to use controls.

    Automatic Flight – Plan complex and repeatable flight plans start to finish.

    Full HD – Receive 1080p video and push it straight to an external monitor or the cloud.

    Payload or Camera Control - Pilots can have full control of all payload features from the ground.

    Secure – Both control links and the video transmission on the Altura Zenith are secured.

    Complex Mission Planning – Create intricate, automated fight paths with ease using the GCS app.

    Aircraft Configuration – Adjust functions such as payload setting and flight distance from the ground.

    GPS Assisted Flights – Pre-programmed switches allow the pilot to shift between flight-modes.

    Telemetry and Status – The Altura GCS app provides you with and overview of the aircrafts system status.

    Weight: 9.65kg
    Flight Time: 40 mins
    Dimensions: 600x600mm
    Signal Frequency: 5.8Ghz
    Take-off Weight: 6.65kg
    Max Speed: 20m/s (44mph)
    Max Wind Speed Resistance: 16m/s (35mph)
    Satellite Positioning Systems: GPS/GLONASS

    Technical Specification

    UAV Type
    Max Flight Time (minutes)
    Wind Resistance (m/s)
    Changeable Payload

    Document Download

    Documentation File Format Size

    Aerialtronics Altura Zenith UAV Flyer PDF 2 MB

    What's In The Box

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