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    Aerial VT 2 side Aerial-AERCUBE-VT-2 hero
    Aerial Climate Solutions

    Aerial® VT 2 Water Separator

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    Water separator VT 2 – hygienically flawless with powerful dirty-water pump.



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    Aerial VT 2 side Aerial® VT 2 Water Separator £1500.00

    Detailed Description

    The VT 2 water separator is equipped with a high-quality dirty-water pump which is also used in industrial applications. The VT 2 can be operated solely as a "wet vacuum cleaner“ with this special pump. The VT 2's electronic level control switches the noise box off before the pumping-out process and back on again as soon as the integrated water tank has been emptied.

    The enclosed design of the housing also means that the unit may be operated when it's standing in 30 cm of water.

    Thanks to the hygienically flawless structure, cleaning can be especially performed especially easily and thoroughly. Two safety quick-release catches provide easy access to the inside. A drainage screw in the unit's foot further allows the residual water to be emptied fully.

    Features & Benefits

    • High-power dirty-water pump for industrial application
    • Pump head height of up to a maximum of 7m
    • Intelligent eDRY® electronic system with full-text display shows all important operating statuses
    • The pumped water volume is displayed (in total and for each construction site and alongside the time of the last pumping process)
    • Electronic level control
    • Manual pumping out at the press of a button
    • Extremely robust AERCUBE® housing
    • Drainage screw for easy residual water drainage
    • Easy to open with safety quick-release catches
    • Broad range of handling and carrying options

    Technical Specification

    Length (mm)
    Width (mm)
    Height (mm)
    Weight (kg)
    Protection class
    Tank Capacity (Litres)

    Document Download

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    Aerial VT 2 Instruction Manual PDF 0.4 MB

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