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    Aerial® HF 2 Hepa Filter

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    The HEPA filter system HF 2 in the ready-to-connect AERCUBE® housing is operated in conjunction with a noise box. Class G4 (pre-filter) and H13 (main filter) HEPA filters clean the air of mould fungus spores and other aerosols.



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    Aerial-AERCUBE-HF 2-hero Aerial® HF 2 Hepa Filter £625.00

    Detailed Description

    Hepa filter separation level MPPS: > 99.95% and 99.995% filter class according to EN 1822 = H13 pre-filter class G4.

    Integrated pollution monitoring signals when the filters need to be changed. The LED display on the front informs the drying engineer when the filters need to be changed. The units can be opened quickly and the filters easily changed thanks to two safety quick-release catches.

    Features & Benefits

    • Efficient filter system with integrated H13 HEPA filter and G4 pre-filter
    • LED display provides information about soiled filters
    • Suitable for Ø38 mm / Ø50 mm hose systems
    • Ready to connect with up to 270 m³/h air flow
    • Easy to open with safety quick-release catches
    • Broad range of handling and carrying options
    • Extremely robust AERCUBE® housing
    • Battery check at the press of a button

    Technical Specification

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    Width (mm)
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    Document Download

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    Aerial HF 2 - Instructions Manual PDF 0.3 MB

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