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    Aerial Climate Solutions

    Aerial ASE 200 Absorption Dehumidifier

    SKU: CC-02-004-0036

    Due to its high-performance at low temperatures, the easily installed ASE's will deliver fast results in drying out all kinds of construction and emergency situations, thereby minimising the risk of long-term damage caused by for instance flooding.






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    Detailed Description

    Application examples include cellars, garages, warehouses, storage rooms, archives, production facilities, waterworks and more.

    Ideally suited for dehumidification of large spaces with low temperatures, the portable ASE dehumidifiers are extremely compact, sturdy and light-weight adsorption dryers. 

    The ASE series in the robust stainless-steel housings are excellently suited for drying damage caused by water and for many other applications.

    The ECODRY rotor makes the unit highly energy-efficient – the technical details speak for themselves. Regeneration is effected by a self-regulating PTC heating element.

    PTC heating elements possess an automatic temperature-limiting effect. It's an effect that is used to achieve highest levels of operational safety.

    Energy consumption is displayed via the calibrated, non-resettable, MID-compliant energy meter.

    Adsorption principle with one common fan for process and regeneration air.

    ASE 200: Suitable for environments up to 200m3 and can be perfectly combined with Aerial AB- and VP-series.

    Features & Benefits

    • Stackable, quiet, easy to maintain
    • Energy-efficient thanks to the ecoDRY rotor
    • Robust floor unit with folding carrier handle
    • Rubber feet on the underside protect sensitive floor surfaces
    • Air intake: Process and regeneration air together with
      air filter and sound absorber
    • Housing: Stainless steel / powder-coated steel plate
    • 4.5 m connection cable with mains plug
    • PTC heating elements for maximum operating safety
    • Optionally equipped with calibrated performance meter

    Please contact us if you require further information or advice.

    Technical Specification

    Length (mm)
    Width (mm)
    Height (mm)
    Weight (kg)
    Moisture Removal (L/Day)
    IP Rating
    Extraction Method
    Extraction Hose
    Built in
    Installation Type
    Free Standing
    Noise Level
    1 Year

    Document Download

    Documentation File Format Size

    Aerial ASE 200 Instruction Manual PDF 1.4 MB

    What's In The Box

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