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    Aerial Climate Solutions

    Aerial® AB 200 Side Channel Blower

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    The AERIAL® AB 200 with lateral channel blowers is ideally suited to professional drying of insulation layers in pressure and suction operations. 



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    Detailed Description

    The AB 200 is a ready to use side-channel blower with integrated vibration suppression and sound insulation, ideally suited for water damage restoration.

    The unit combines reliable and robust technology with quiet operations. This makes the device one of the most chosen units for drying of water damage. Drying companies rely on the tried and tested AERIAL® AB noise boxes.

    Features & Benefits

    • Reliable performance and technology
    • Perfectly processed stainless steel housing to protect value
    • Long service life through the use of robust lateral channel blowers
    • Low noise levels for comfortable drying of e.g. water damage in residential surroundings
    • A 3-stage safety system to protect the blowers
    • Case made of stainless steel
    • Easy to service and maintain
    • Rubber feet for installation on the floor or other flat surfaces
    • Lightweight and easy to carry
    • The system is designed to deliver optimum performance using 50mm hoses with alternative 38mm hose fittings optional
    • Coarse filter at suction side
    • Integrated cable retention

    Technical Specification

    Length (mm)
    Width (mm)
    Height (mm)
    Weight (kg)
    Protection class
    Power consumption (kW)

    Document Download

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    Aerial AB 200 Instruction Manual PDF 0.2 MB

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